Oily Hair

44% of men have an oily scalp that they feel is a problem

98% of experts say that oily scalp makes dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis worse

95% of the time hair loss and oily scalp or hair go hand in hand

85% of women & men that have used stripping shampoos for oily hair feel that it made their situation worse (read why below)


Oily Skin

87% of women say that men with oily skin are a turn off.

59% of men feel that they have oily skin

91% of men say that oily skin on women is turn off

61% of women feel that they oily skin


What if there was a way to tell your body not to produce as much scalp oils. This would be an incredible breakthrough since most products that are made for oily hair or oily scalp simply try to strip away the scalp oils. The problem is that when the scalp oils or sebum is simply stripped away then body feels like it needs to produce more. It feels and acts as if you have a dry scalp and dry hair and then begins to flood the scalp and hair follicle with even more sebum than it producing before.


There is a way to to tell the body to stop producing as much sebum. This is done with a special ingredient that is natural based. As a matter of fact. your scalp skin and body skin is loaded with this special form of amino acid. It is called zinc pca. It is a combination of two ingredients including zinc (nature's way of defeating the many fungus and bacteria in the skin) and a pca molecule that is known to moisturize. Together the zinc pca amino acid derivative does so much. It is anti bacterial, it is anti fungal and most importantly it helps to regulate the body's production of sebum. THIS IS VITAL to ending excess oil production, not only in the scalp but also in the skin!


Oily Face & Skin

Learn the reason why so many people are turning to a new and amazing ingredient for oily skin or even to clear up your complexion. There is a very special kind of zinc that help to eliminate oily skin problems but also eliminate many of the skin conditions that go along with oily skin such as acne, pimples, face bumps, blackheads, flaking and scaling on the face and much more. Learn about why this amazing form of zinc is second to none.

Why most oily skin and acne related products are strip to strip the oil away this special form of zinc is simply telling your body not to produce as much sebum or oils. This is called regulating the sebum gland to prevent oily face or greasy forehead.

This special form of zinc can be used on all different types of products including facial cleaners, body wash, acne creams, oily skin moisturizer and much more.

What Are The Experts Saying?

Zinc pca is the only ingredient that I feel is a must have for people that suffer from oily hair, oily scalp, oily skin, oily face in general, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, ear flaking, eyebrow flaking and seborrhea including seborrheic eczema. It is that powerful at controlling too much oil without stripping the oils and eliciting a body response of over production of sebum or oils. 

Dr Everette Burke - Dermatologist

Make sure to search for the very best with zinc pca as this one ingredient is the top notch ingredient that will make a difference in your complexion!